Health House International is the Australian distributor of Satipharm 50mg 30 capsules

image.pngSatipharm's medicinal cannabis is delivered in a capsule form, and each capsule contains 50 mg cannabidiol (CBD).  The capsules contain tiny green beads which are specifically designed to trap the active ingredients (cannabinoids) inside.  These little beads protect the cannabinoids from light, oxygen and heat which can all degrade these important chemicals and lower the amount of active cannabinoids available for the patient.  These little beads are so stable, the Satipharm capsules should be stored at room temperature and not in the fridge.  Satipharm has more than 30 months' stability data that proves the amount of CBD is kept constant when the capsules are stored at room temperature.

When the patient swallows the capsule, the beads are distributed across the gastrointestinal tract and they slowly dissolve in no more than 30 minutes.  This creates a microemulsion within the gastrointestinal tract that helps the body absorb the active cannabinoids.  When compared to a cannabis spray, the trial subjects absorbed more CBD from the capsule.

If any patients (the very young, the very old and anyone inbetween) have difficulty swallowing a capsule, the Satipharm capsule can be opened and the little green beads sprinkled onto soft food (such as yoghurt) and can be administered to the patient that way.

More information on Satipharm's clinical research can be found here


Cannimed Oils

Health House International is the Australian distributor of the Cannimed Range of Oils

These are available in Australia for authorised medical research or via a Special Access Scheme (Category B) prescription

    Food-grade alcohol is pumped through compressed cannabis flower material, extracting the THCA (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabiolic acid), CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) and other medicinal ingredients. The alcohol and excess water is then removed through evaporation, resulting in a pure cannabis resin. Olive oil is added at this stage. Once heated, the THCA and CBDA become THC and CBD through a heat-induced reaction called decarboxylation. This process is how the medicinal ingredients in the oils become active, meaning patients do not need to additionally heat the cannabis, like through a vaporizer when herbal cannabis is used. Additional olive oil is added prior to being bottled to ensure the correct concentrations of THC and CBD. Olive oil was selected as our ‘carrier agent’ because it is the most unlikely product to bring about sensitivities or allergies.

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