Health House International Limited (formerly VPCL Limited) is an ASX listed international distributor of medicinal cannabis and was founded to pursue opportunities in the burgeoning global medicinal cannabis market, which in March 2021 completed a reverse takeover after successfully raising $3.5 million under a public offer.

Since 2014, the Board and founding shareholders of the Company have been pioneers in the medicinal cannabis sector establishing a number of publicly-listed companies including AusCann Group, Zelira Therapeutics and CannPal Animal Therapeutics.

In March 2019 Health House International Limited acquired  HHI (Australia) Pty Ltd a business that was granted the first licence in Australia to import and distribute medicinal cannabis. HHI (Australia) Pty Ltd  is fully operational wholesale distribution business serving the expanding Australian market and is well positioned to expand into New Zealand and South East Asia.

In September 2019 Health House International Limited completed the acquisition of P&D Pharmaceuticals a UK-based, speciality pharmaceutical wholesaler with a 30 years trading history and an experienced operating team.

Now trading as Health House Pharma Limited, the company currently supplies a range of pharmaceutical products to pharmacies, hospitals, government departments, ambulance workers and other wholesalers in the UK and EU.

The company holds a number of strategic licenses to store, distribute, import, export and wholesale controlled drugs and is well positioned to have an early mover advantage into the UK and European medicinal cannabis market. Health House Pharma Ltd is strategically located close to Heathrow/Gatwick airports allowing it to service all of Europe and UK with next day delivery.

In September 2020, Health House Pharma Ltd acquired Gees Pharmacy, a direct to consumer, web-based pharmaceutical distributor which dispenses 9,000-10,000 general pharmaceutical prescriptions a month and delivers to about 400 patients their monthly prescriptions.  It currently fulfils prescriptions for 40 UK care homes, holds Pharmaceutical Council and registered premises approvals as well as NHS contracts to dispense medicines to the NHS.

Health House International Limited is building value for its shareholders principally by focusing on the newly legalised medicinal cannabis market in United Kingdom market and newly emerging regulated European & Asia Pacific markets.

Health House International Limited has supply agreements in place with a number of EU Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified manufacturers and producers of high-quality medicinal cannabis products. The EU GMP licence is issued by the European Medicines Agency and is the most highly credentialled in the world for compliance for the production and manufacturing of pharmaceutical grade medicinal products.

The future is in the therapeutic use of medicines.

Global Networks

Highly experienced team with networks throughout the medicinal cannabis supply chain.

Proven Track Record

The team have been pioneers in the Australian medicinal cannabis sector establishing a number of publicly-listed companies including AusCann Group, Zelira Therapeutics and CannPal Animal Therapeutics.


License agreements in place for distribution of exclusive branded premium product into specific markets. Early mover advantage into newly emerging markets including the United Kingdom. New opportunities for partnering and value adding being explored.

Premium Product Range

Exclusive access to pharmaceutical-grade (EU-GMP) product for United Kingdom, Australia and South-East Asia markets with multiple branding options. Expanding portfolio of third party products from a variety of suppliers.

Growing Global Market

Rapid growth continues with new federally legal markets opening at an increasing pace

Capital Networks

Well established networks in the financial markets sector.

Distribution Network

Health House has an established pharmacy distribution business in Australia and the UK . Other markets to follow.

Strong Global Industry Relationships

This team have established strong relationships across the globe spanning cultivation, research, clinical trials, medical clinics, e-commerce, animal health and recreational sectors as well as in the capital markets of Canada, Australia and Europe/United Kingdom. Have founded, invested in or advised on multiple companies across the globe.

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