iX Biopharma

Made in Australia, Xativa™ is formulated using WaferiX™, which is patented sublingual delivery technology. Each wafer contains a nano-emulsion of highly bioavailable broad-spectrum cannabis extract with 12.5mg cannabidiol and 0mg THC. This is in addition to 30+ terpenes and other beneficial molecules naturally occurring in cannabis. The products currently distributed by Health House include:

  • Xativa CBD 12.5mg and 25mg sublingual wafers


Zelira Therapeutics

Zelira Therapeutics premium cannabinoid-based customised medicines are uniquely formulated and clinically validated pharmaceutical-grade products. They are also manufactured to the highest quality standards with GMP grade and compliant with the standard for medicinal cannabis TG093 Order 2017. Currently, Health House is distributing:

  • HOPE1 (5mg THC, 5mg CBD per mL, 30mL)
  • HOPE2 (8.3mg THC, 1.7mg CBD per mL, 30mL)
  • Zenivol oil blended with pharmaceutical-grade sunflower oil (20mg THC, 2mg CBN and 1mg CBD per mL, 30mL)



Levin Health are sports science specialists that believe Australians have the right to live pain free and to live an active lifestyle. Levin Health drives this belief by running world class clinical trials, patient education programs and developing products specifically formulated to treat chronic pain and other life restricting chronic injuries. Levin Health’s leading cannabinoid-based, chronic pain medicines are made here in Australia, for Australians and support Australian Sports Medicine research. Currently Health House is distributing:

  • LEVIN CBD 100 (100mg CBD per mL, 30mL)
  • LEVIN Balance 10:12 (10mg THC, 12mg CBD per mL, 60mL)


Sativite’s mission is to provide the best, sustainably produced medicinal cannabis products to patients in Australia and beyond.Our range of premium products include selected varieties of high-quality, organically-grown dried flower and broad-spectrum extracts and oils with a range of cannabinoid profiles.  Nitrogen flushed, our innovative recyclable cans keep our dried medicinal cannabis flower fresh whilst retaining potency and terpenes for an improved patient experience.

Products that Health House currently distribute are:

  • Dried Flower (hand-picked, hung dried, hand trimmed & Nitro-Tin)
    • Lemon Haze THC 20.9% and CBD <1.0%
    • Mimosa THC 21.4% and CBD <1.0%
    • Yaandi THC 24.6% and CBD <1.0%
    • Nula Nula 21 THC 21.0% and CBD <1.0%
  • Signature Cannabinoid oils
    • Breemgu CBD Oil 3000mg (1:100) – 30ml
    • Kungurrun D8 THC Oil 3000mg (1:100) – 30ml


Developed specifically for optimum bioavailability and consistency, Satipharm Gelpell® capsules are a clinically proven way to take CBD. Satipharm CBD capsules are also gastro-resistant, with no additives or preservatives present, ensuring release of CBD directly into the small intestine.

  • Satipharm 50mg Capsules (30 capsules)


Ananda Hemp

Ananda Hemp manufactures high-quality and affordable full and broad (THC free) spectrum hemp extracts. Ananda Hemp’s CBD dominant products are available in varying formats including oils, soft gels and creams, to personalise to the patients’ needs. Every plant that goes into their high-end line of CBD products is cultivated using organic farming. Each batch is standardised and contain an array of cannabinoids and hundreds of bioactive phytonutrients from the hemp plant – resulting in formulas that are truly deserving of the title ‘full spectrum’. Currently Health House distributes:

  • Ananda Hemp Broad Spectrum THC Free CBD 900 Hemp Extract Soft-Gel Capsules (60 Capsules)
  • Ananda Hemp Broad Spectrum THC Free CBD 1000 Hemp Extract (50mL)
  • Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD 900 Hemp Extract Soft-Gel Capsules (60 Capsules)
  • Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD 2000 Hemp Extract (50mL)
  • Ananda Hemp Endo-Relief Cream CBD 1500 Hemp Cream (60mL)


Little Green Pharma

Little Green Pharma

Little Green Pharma is leading the Australian cannabis industry with Australia’s first and only locally produced medical cannabis oil products available now for approved patients. Products are natural, pesticide-free and have passed all the mandatory and rigorous testing required. Products which Health House distribute include:

  • LGP Classic CBD 50 (50mg CBD per mL, 50mL)
  • LGP Classic 1:100 (1mg THC, 100mg CBD per mL, 50mL)
  • LGP Classic 1:20 (1mg THC, 20mg CBD per mL, 50mL)
  • LGP Classic 10:10 (10mg THC, 10mg CBD per mL, 50mL)
  • LGP Classic 20:5 (20mg THC, 5mg CBD per mL, 50mL)
  • LGP THC 22 Desert Flame flower (220mg/g THC (22%), 15g)
  • LGP Flower THC 16% w/w (<1% w/w CBD) ‘Billy Buttons’ (15g)



Made in Australia in rural NSW, ANTG conforms to stringent Australian and EU pharmaceutical standards to ensure quality control at every step of the process. Currently, Health House is distributing the following of ANTG’s dried cannabis flowers:

  • Eve (THC <1mg/g (0%) and CBD 140mg/g (14%), 10g)
  • Mariposa (140mg/g THC (14%) and <1mg/g CBD (0%), 10g)
  • Solace (215mg/g THC (22%) and <1mg/g CBD (0%), 10g)
  • Rocky (300mg/g THC (30%) and <1mg/g CBD (0%), 10g)
  • Elan oil – 100mg/mL CBD (30mL)


Cronos Australia offers premium quality Australian formulated cannabinoid-based medicines, ensuring a reliable supply chain and affordable pricing to improve patient access. The Adaya range of CO2 extracted oral formulations offer patients five formulations:

  • Adaya CBD 100 (100mg CBD per mL, 30mL)
  • Adaya 1:25 (1mg THC, 25mg CBD per mL, 30mL)
  • Adaya 10:10 (10mg THC, 10mg CBD per mL, 30mL)
  • Adaya 20:1 (20mg THC, 1mg CBD per mL, 30mL)
  • Adaya THC 26 (26mg THC per mL, 50mL)

Australian cultivated Adaya Whole Flower products are rich in phytocannabinoids and therapeutic terpenoids. Currently available flowers are:

  • Adaya THC 19 WF (190mg/g (19%) 10g) THC whole flower
  • Adaya THC 30 WF (300mg/g (30%) 10g) THC whole flower


Medigrowth’s product range includes a versatile suite of CBD and THC whole-plant extract medicinal cannabis oils made in Australia:

  • Medigrowth CBD (100mg/mL CBD, 30mL)
  • Medigrowth Balance (12.5mg/mL THC and 12.5mg/mL CBD, 30mL)
  • Medigrowth THC (10mg/mL THC, 30mL)

All products produced under AU GMP for consistent, pharmaceutical grade quality & independently lab tested for quality assurance.


With gold-standard cannabis care and patient experiences as their foundation, Heyday drives the creation of medicines as unique as the people they care for. They make and treat patients with prescription plant medicines, and are passionate about empowering Aussie doctors to deliver healthcare differently. 100% Australian owned and family inspired, Heyday cannabis flower is grown in an outdoor GMP facility in rural Victoria using regenerative agriculture and organic farming practices.

Heyday Day formulation contains a balanced, uplifting terpene profile suitable for daytime symptomatic management. Heyday Night formulation contains a relaxing terpene profile more suitable for evening symptomatic management. Products that Health House currently distribute are:

  • Heyday Day Flower (190mg/g THC, 19% THC)
  • Heyday Night Flower (190mg/g THC, 19% THC)
  • Heyday 10:10 Oil (10mg/mL THC and 10mg/mL CBD, 30mL)
  • Heyday 20:1 Oil (20mg/mL THC and 1mg/mL CBD, 30mL)
  • Heyday 26:1 Oil (26mg/mL THC and 1mg/mL CBD, 50mL)

Cann Pharmaceutical

Formulated from proprietary strains of cannabis, with organic, pharmaceutical grade olive oil, Cann Pharmaceutical Australia (CPA) offers high quality, whole-plant medicinal cannabis oils for sublingual administration. The strains are grown using organic, pesticide free techniques, which have been refined by better™ for over 10 years.

Manufactured in compliance with the strictest GMP requirements, the range of CPA medical-grade products that Health House currently distribute are:

  • Cure E.P 1:20 (8mg/mL THC, 194mg/mL CBD, 10mL)
  • Support P.K 20:4 (200mg/mL THC, 40mg/mL CBD, 10mL)

All CPA medicinal cannabis oils conform to TGO93 Order 2017.


Dragonfly Biosciences CBD is 100% Organic and THC-Free. Our GMP and GAP approved facilities allow us to manage the production process from Seed to Shelf, providing only the best quality CBD products that you can trust.
Our extraction method is Ethanol based and as ethanol is produced from plants by natural means, it is the purest way to derive CBD from the Cannabis plant. Out of all potential methods, ethanol extracts the highest number of naturally occurring compounds from the Cannabis plant.

Products that Health House currently distribute are:

  • 1000mg CBD (10mL)
  • 3000mg CBD (30mL)


Their four oils were created by Noosa-based Dr. Crosby Rechtin, CBD Guys Chief Medical Officer, specifically for Australian patients. Each one contains a proprietary blend of the plant’s natural terpenes for maximum medicinal efficacy, and is crafted carefully at their own facility in the U.S.A. They control every part of the extraction process, from bud to bottle, so you can be assured of the highest quality oils available. Every product has a QR code that gives you the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for the exact product in your hand. Humacology are transparent about offering patients affordable, quality medicinal cannabis. Humacology. We Want To Make You Better.™

Products that Health House currently distribute are:

  • Pure CBD Isolate 100mg/mL (30mL)
  • 1:100 – contains 1mg/mL THC and 100mg/mL CBD (30mL)
  • 5:100 – contains 5mg/mL THC and 100mg/mL CBD (30mL)
  • 27:27 – contains 27mg/mL THC and 27mg/mL CBD (30mL)


Maali is a brand from the Australian medicinal cannabis company MediCann Health who are focussed on improving the quality of life of people in need. MediCann Health believes in utilising everything the cannabis plant has to offer including cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids in an effort to improve the efficacy of the products and reduce the costs for patients. MediCann Health is conducting clinical trials in Australia with the aim of product registration and is a proud supplier of Australian grown and made cannabis medicines. MediCann Health also provides ongoing assistance to healthcare professionals to help save time and make the application and prescription process as simple as possible.

Products that Health House currently distribute are:

  • Maali Sky 20% THC dried cannabis flower (10g)

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