Since being Australia’s first company to import medicinal cannabis in 2017, our unwavering commitment to quality and service has positioned HHI Australia as the leading market partner for the best of Australian and international medicinal cannabis producers. From our base in Western Australia, HHI operates a state-of-the-art, national distribution business dedicated to supporting our valued suppliers and customers in consistently meeting the demands and needs of patients.

Humacology crafts Australia’s most effective and affordable medicinal cannabis, replete with our proprietary blend of terpenes to aid in their efficacy, Crafted by Australian doctors for Australian patients, Humacology believes in the power of nature to heal.

Little Green Pharma was the first medical cannabis company in Australia to produce locally grown medical-grade cannabis products. Their medicinal cannabis products include a range of oils and dry cannabis flower tested to stringent Australian quality standards. Little Green Pharma also works closely with medical practitioners to assist them with applications for medical cannabis products; saving patients time and money.

Heyday doctors carefully select the highest quality strains to develop medicines that are patient centred, efficacious and unique. The Heyday range of full spectrum cannabis oil and flower medicines are as good for Aussie patients as they are for the planet. Heyday flowers is sun grown in rural Victoria, some in polytunnels, some outdoors – using up to 96x less energy than indoor grows. Heyday flower is grown in living soil, with only local, organic compost added and the grow facility uses regenerative farming practices. Heyday medicines are AU GMP, high quality and fresh.

Australian Natural Therapeutics Group (ANTG) is Australia’s first GACP & GMP accredited medicinal flower cultivation and manufacturing facility. It is Australian grown and made, cultivated in NSW, with all natural, renewable medium, without harmful pesticides. ANTG’s aim is for all Australians to benefit from high-quality, affordable and locally produced medicines.

Ananda Hemp offers high-quality products made with full spectrum CBD oil extracted from 100% Kentucky-grown hemp. Every plant that goes into their high-end line of CBD products is cultivated using organic farming practices. They also contain an array of cannabinoids and hundreds of bioactive phytonutrients from the hemp – resulting in a formula that is truly deserving of the title ‘full spectrum’.

The Australian Maali range is sun grown, sustainably in living soil in Regional Victoria, with a range of flower formulations offering patients a variety of clinical effects. The cannabis flower is of highest quality, under Australian GMP and depending on the dry cannabis flower prescribed, will also contain a unique mix of terpenes to reinforce cannabinoid therapy for patients.


Botanitech is an Australian brand built on the desire to provide high-quality medication to the broad range of patients in the Australian market.

Botanitech exists for the benefit and wellbeing of patients.

We collaborate with healthcare professionals to make our high-quality medications accessible to patients across Australia.


IX Biopharma has developed a range of sublingual wafers containing cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by using its patented sublingual delivery technology, WaferiX™, Xativa™ CBD, Hypera™ THC each contain a nano-emulsion of highly bioavailable cannabis extract designed for rapid under-the-tongue absorption.

At SOMAÍ, we are on a journey to build a leading global brand with the most robust portfolio of innovative cannabis-based therapeutics. SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals is an EU-GMP European pharmaceutical and biotech company centred on manufacturing in Lisbon, Portugal, and distributing EU GMP-certified cannabinoid-containing pharmaceuticals globally. SOMAÍ combines scientific pharmacology applications with EU-GMP standards to effectively and consistently deliver treatments to the endocannabinoid system across all markets. DUE TO OUR STATE-OF-THE-ART PRODUCTION our SOMAÍ Oral solutions have an improved taste profile* & maintain all the initial minor cannabinoids through the whole process. All our products are made from full EU-GMP single strains ensuring product consistency from batch to batch. Our Purification Step allows us to remove unwanted sugars and lipids, and to guarantee batch consistency. *vs crude oil

Breathe Life Sciences (BLS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bioxyne Ltd (BXN:ASX), specializing in the manufacture, sponsorship, import, and export of controlled substances (S3, S4, S8) in Australia. Founded in 2018, BLS has quickly expanded into a multinational business focused on alternative therapeutics and investigational medicines. The corporate head office is in Sydney, with licensed manufacturing, warehousing, and import/export operations located in the Gold Coast (Australia), Nagoya (Japan), Manchester (UK), and Prague (Czechia). BLS’s business model revolves around the manufacturing of final dose forms and finished products, as well as their sales and distribution. Collaborating with raw materials and API suppliers across five continents, BLS is a market leader in manufacturing scope and quality.


We are an Australian owned and operated supplier of phyto-compound solutions, committed to the research of innovative, and class leading, cannabis medicines.

Our product development process leans into the current body of research around medicinal cannabis science. Sourcing cannabinoid-based medicines from Australia, Canada, and from our global network, our focus is patient efficacy.  Our selection process is guided by chemical composition based on the synergistic modulation of compounds and their ability to deliver results across an ever-increasing range of indications.

Our systems are robust and transparent, so we can earn your trust.  We stand behind our data and, with this approach, are helping build a lasting change in the healthcare community.


MedTEC Pharma is a local South Australian company cultivating outdoor sun-grown medicinal cannabis at scale in living soil on a 12Ha site in the Riverlands. Focussing on a sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach to cannabis production, our high-tech netting, arid climate, and natural UV irradiation allow us to produce the highest quality of flower with complex terpenes and flavonoids, all while minimising pests and diseases.

We are medicinal cannabis with Provenance: trace the journey, embrace the source, trust the plant.


OMG is driven by science and the pursuit of excellence in cannabinoid medicine. As a fully licensed Australian medicinal cannabis biotech, our success is measured in real world change: improving lives for Australian patients and delivering results as a trusted B2B, research and medical partner.

Our commitment to pure, safe and trusted cannabinoid medicine drives our company culture to continually, innovate, inspire and exceed.

Nurturing the future of cannabinoid medicine.

MCA is passionate about helping people discover the therapeutic potential of cannabis so that patients around the world can benefit from a better quality of life. We source, supply and research high quality pharmaceutical cannabinoid medicines and are licensed to research, cultivate, and manufacture medical cannabis.

Zelira is a global biopharmaceutical company researching, developing, and marketing clinically validated cannabinoid-based medicines. Zelira are committed to world class science and the clinical validations of cannabinoid-based medicines. The company’s focus is on specific conditions, like chronic insomnia and autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and delivering solutions to patients who are no longer receiving a benefit from their conventional treatments.

Satipharm CBD Advanced capsules have been specifically developed to maximise bioavailability, resulting in significantly higher amounts of CBD absorbed. The capsules are available in two strengths with Gelpell technology to ensure cannabinoid stability and consistent dosing and absorption.



At Chemovar, we combine the power of science with the beauty of nature to create a holistic medicinal cannabis experience for our Australian Doctors and their Patients. Our unique classification system blends analytical and intuitive thinking to provide a selection of treatments categorised by their aroma.

Endoca Australia combines pharmaceutical expertise with high quality organic cannabis cultivation and extraction to offer an innovative range medical cannabis. With experience servicing patients all around Australia, we deliver pure and high-quality cannabis products at the best prices.

Discover an elevated experience with our premium flower strains, meticulously cultivated and featuring exclusive day and night formulas grown in Australia. Experience the artistry of nature’s remedy, carefully crafted for a quantum leap in well-being. Embrace the future of cannabis with Quantum Medical Cannabis.

Turkken is Australia’s number one Halal-certified GMP medical cannabis oil company. Australian owned and operated. Made using only Australian flower. Export ready.

Medigrowth is an Australian medicinal cannabis biotech with multi-disciplinary research involvement spanning plant science & next-gen technologies in biomedical analysis. Medigrowth is driven by a deep passion to improve quality of life for Australian patients. Industry partnership and university-led Australian Research Council Initiatives ensures Medigrowth continues the commitment to development and discovery.



With the continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation, CCELL has become one of the world’s largest vaporizer suppliers since its establishment in 2016. CCELL is the most renowned world-class vaping device provider who revolutionized the industry by introducing the world’s first ceramic heating component and owns multiple independent research institutes and state-of-the-art production facilities.


All VAPORMED MEDIC vaporisers are medically certified and are included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. (ARTG entry 319028).

Using a patented heating technology, VAPORMED combine the use of convection and conduction heating to provide continuous vaporisation, producing vapour right from the first breath.


The Fenix dry herb vaporizers stand out prominently among the top choices within the mid-priced range of vaporization devices. Renowned for their exceptional quality and performance, Fenix devices have established themselves as pioneers in the realm of innovative convection heating techniques, setting a new standard for the effective and uniform vaporization of your chosen herbs.

Health House International Ltd is part of the Melodiol Global Health Group

Melodiol is a global business with activities spanning recreational and medical cannabis, CBD, psychedelics and plant based consumer goods.

Global Cannabis Landscape

Over 60 countries around the world have now legalised medical cannabis.

Timeline: Towards a Legal Medicinal Cannabis Market

Nov 1996


California passes Proposition 215. It becomes the first US state to legalise medicinal cannabis.

July 2001


Portugal decriminalises the use of all drugs.

July 2001


Canada passes the Medicinal Marijuana Access Program, which allows clinicians to prescribe medicinal cannabis.

Nov 2004


Montana becomes tenth US state to legalise medicinal cannabis.

Aug 2011


Israel approves the first government sanctioned cannabis growing operations.

Nov 2012

Colorado & Washington

Colorado and Washington become the first two states to legalise the recreational use of cannabis.

May 2013


UK-based GW Pharmaceuticals, listed on the AIM London market, dual lists on the US NASDAQ.

April 2014


Canada introduces the Medical Purposes Regulations, which lets patients access the drug from licensed producers.

Mar 2015


The Italian parliament signs a motion to legalise cannabis.

June 2016

Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth becomes the first cannabis stock to list on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Jan 2017


Germany passes a law legalising the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

Feb 2017


Israel announces it will exports of medicinal cannabis.

Mar 2017


Sativa becomes the UK’s first medical cannabis investment vehicle to be listed on the NEX Exchange.

July 2017


Poland votes in favour of legalising medicinal cannabis.

Jan 2018


Canada’s Aurora Cannabis and CanniMed Therapeutics $3.2 billion merger becomes the industry’s biggest M&A deal.

May 2018


Canada’s Cronos Group becomes the first cannabis company to list on the US NASDAQ.

Jul 2018


UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid changes the classification of medicinal cannabis to Schedule 2.

Nov 2018


Medicinal cannabis available on prescription in the UK.

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